MS Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance

Money Transmitter Licensing Information:

License period is from April 1 to March 31 and is not pro-rated for application made during the license period.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Investigation fee of $50 plus $750 initial license fee; $400 renewal license fee, plus $50 for each additional location not to exceed $1,000.
  2. Net worth of at least $25,000 for each location in excess of one (1) at which applicant proposes to sell checks; not in excess of $250,000
  3. Surety bond for appropriate license period in principal sum of $25,000 or in an amount equal to outstanding money transmissions in Mississippi, whichever is greater, but in no event shall the bond be required to be in excess of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00). In lieu of surety bond, applicant may deposit with State Treasurer bonds or other obligations of the United States or bonds or other obligation of this state or of any municipal corporation, county or other political subdivision or agency of this state, or certificates of deposit of national or state banks doing business in Mississippi, having an aggregate market value at least equal to the corporate surety bond otherwise required.
  4. Registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State as required by law.
  5. List of locations
  6. Sample of instrument(s) sold

Money Transmitter Applications Forms:

Please call 1.800.844.2499 for information

Off-site Examination Packet

Off-site Examination Packet - DOC (Word)
Off-site Examination Packet - PDF

Forms to Update Existing Office(s)

Money Transmitter Application for Name Change - PDF
Money Transmitter Application for Relocation of Existing Office - PDF

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